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This is an active month!   Check out the following:

  • New Customer / Product Request Page operational
  • Web Store Active and ready for business!
  • ItemTrakker 2.0 Fully SaaS based and ready
  • ResourceTrakker 1.0 in Beta
  • Camelot 1.0 in Beta
  • Jaguar 1.0 Begins development
  • Antique Mall Trakker 1.0 Begins Development





We're now expanding our services to focus on the following markets:

  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Soccer

With the following in 2012

  • Baseball/Softball
  • Pool/Billards
  • Volleyball

If you'd like to know more, check out our Mission Statement and Vision for 2012!






We're constantly trying to find ways to better serve and communicate with you and to improve all of our services.  As a result, here's what's new:

  • New SQL Server 2008 servers with high capacity and load balancing
  • New FaceBook Groups...   Twitter is coming!



Bowling Tournament Software - IGBOTS

The Ultimate Bowling Tournament Software

Basic Features

  • Unlimited Number of Tournaments, Teams, Bowlers
  • Events can be assigned different shift times
  • Divisions - Support Optional Scratch, Scratch Masters, Women's, Men's and Senior's
  • Supports up to 8 bowlers a lane / 16 bowlers a pair - 15 games per shift 
  • All reports are configured to work through Crystal Reports - all templates come with the software and can be modified by the tournament.
  • Print Checks, Calculate Payouts, Create various payout scenarios, etc.

Enhanced Features

  • Touch Screen Registration Sign In
  • Touch Screen for Optional Events and Side Pots
  • Barcode Scanning for signing into shifts

Local or "Cloud" data

Your data can reside on your local machine for single-user support or you can have us host your tournament data in "the cloud".  For more information, please contact support.

Touch Screen Support

There is now touch screen support so if you have a touch screen PC you can turn it into a Kiosk for the following functions:

  • Registration Sign In
  • Shift Sign In
  • Tournament Optional Events
  • Tournament Side Pots (i.e. 30 clean, 3 of 6/9/across, Insurance)
  • Game Based Side Pots

Sidepots, Integration, and More

The core engine for IGBO-LSP (League Side Pot software) is natively inside of IGBOTS.   There is no need to get additional side-pot software.   If you use side pots (i.e. brackets) to generate extra revenue for prize fund, why not expand to a host of new possibilities.   Regardless of what events you configure to run, only 1 running sheet will be required; only 1 data entry screen for scores will be required; only 1 payment screen will be required - and all off a Kiosk-like interface.   Here are the events you can run"

  • Handicap Brackets
  • Scratch Brackets
  • Over/Under Brackets
  • Handicap Mega Brackets (2 shifts / 6 games)
  • Handicap Scratch Brackets (2 shifts / 6 games)
  • Break the Bank
  • Doubles Game Event (Cross Over Doubles)
  • High Handicap Game Side Pot
  • High Handicap Series Side Pot
  • Cut the Field (i.e. King of the Hill or Eliminator)
  • Mystery Score