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This is an active month!   Check out the following:

  • New Customer / Product Request Page operational
  • Web Store Active and ready for business!
  • ItemTrakker 2.0 Fully SaaS based and ready
  • ResourceTrakker 1.0 in Beta
  • Camelot 1.0 in Beta
  • Jaguar 1.0 Begins development
  • Antique Mall Trakker 1.0 Begins Development





We're now expanding our services to focus on the following markets:

  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Soccer

With the following in 2012

  • Baseball/Softball
  • Pool/Billards
  • Volleyball

If you'd like to know more, check out our Mission Statement and Vision for 2012!






We're constantly trying to find ways to better serve and communicate with you and to improve all of our services.  As a result, here's what's new:

  • New SQL Server 2008 servers with high capacity and load balancing
  • New FaceBook Groups...   Twitter is coming!



Our Services

Newest Services

IGBO-TAD Average

Unlike the IGBO Web Page, this service allows you to connect directly to your personal Tournament Average.   You can see your current average for the past year or see ALL of your tournament information.   You can also enter your email address and the details of your tournament participation (including scores) can be emailed to you.


Not sure of what your new IGBOTS ID is?   Use this feature to find out!  

Tournament Scores History

You can view the scores of any tournament in inverse date, bowler's last name order.   This can be used by tournaments to validated the recorded scores based on their uploaded datat extracts.

Late Tournament Status

View current listing of all tournaments, if any, more than 30 days late in posting tournament scores.

Upload League Standing Sheets

Log into the system with your First, Last, IGBOTS ID and password and you can upload league standing sheets, images, and remove past uploads.

Record Non-IGBO Scores

Log into the system with your First, Last, IGBOTS ID and password and you can record non-IGBO scores for average verification purposes.   You can also remove past recorded scores.

IGBO Tournament Lookup

Check out the current list of IGBO affiliated tournaments based on several search options.

IGBO League Lookup

Check out the current list of IGBO affiliated leagues based on several search options.

IGBO Award Shirt Program

Select the above link to fill out a 300 and/or 800 award shirt.